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Musical Instrument Rental

violin-516023_640Finding the best musical instrument rental store can be a chore for those who don’t know where to go. There are so many different options in instruments nowadays, that it might be hard for a musician to find their bread and butter. Especially for new, flourishing musicians, you want to rent only the best instruments to best see which instrument catches your fancy. At Tutti Music Corp, we are dedicated to finding you the right musical instruments for your needs.

Our courteous staff will show you a selection of our rental instruments in order for you to get the best grasp on each. Based on your preferences, we will let you take a test drive with your chosen instrument to see how it works out for you. This will give you the option of which specific product to use.Whether you’re looking for a trumpet, violin, guitar or saxophone rental, you can find it all here at Tutti Music Corp. If you find that an instrument suits your interests best, we are happy to provide music lessons to help further educate you on how to harmonize your musical sounds.

For more information on our rental services, contact Tutti Music Corp in Flushing, NY today.