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Music Lessons

Cello RentalMusic is a universally known masterpiece style of art. There is an array of different kinds of music that varies from genres to instruments, all producing one harmonious, beautiful sound. If you have a passion for music and would like to explore the different sounds of the musical world, Tutti Music Corp can help lead the way.

We offer music lessons for aspiring artists of all kinds. Violin lessons give you the opportunity to learn the strings of a violin; harmonizing the plucking and bowing notes, we will instruct you how to bring together these sounds to make a beautiful song. Likewise, one of the most popular instruments in the strings family is the guitar. We offer students the guitar lessons to learn how to create a combination of rhythms and sounds made by only a few strings.

At Tutti Music Corp we want you to take full advantage of or your musical abilities whether you are looking in pursuing a musical career or you enjoy it simply for fun. Whatever the case may be, let us provide you with music instruction to help you be the very best you can be. We proudly serve the aspiring musicians all over the Flushing, NY area, so contact us today.